Fire John Cornyn

Beat Cornyn This November!

John Cornyn is up for reelection in 2020. With your help (and vote!) we can send MJ Hegar to D.C. – and John Cornyn into retirement – on Nov. 3.

Take Action

  1. Sign up for Indivisible’s Payback Project contact list to stay up to date on text and phone banks, and other ways you can help us flip this Senate seat:
    Hummingbirds Against Cornyn
    Hummingbirds Against Cornyn (courtesy

  2. Share – and create your own – Nature Against memes!

  3. Ready to text bank today? Sign up to textbank now!

  4. Visit the volunteer page on MJ’s site to get connected with her team!

  5. Explore and share the great list Progress Texas put together on 50 reasons to vote against Cornyn in 2020

  6. Learn about and support the MELJ Center’s mission to provide opportunity for at-risk youth and formerly incarcerated persons, regardless of previous educational and/or criminal background

  7. See our text bank calendar and/or our phone bank calendar and we’ll make sure you’re all trained and ready to go!

  8. Get an MJ yard sign to help your neighbors remember this important race! MJ Hegar yard sign

  9. Become a vote tripler!
    a. check in with 3 friends to make sure they’re registered to vote, or
    b. talk about MJ with 3 friends who are registered but might be undecided on this race, or
    c. ask 3 who are already planning to vote for MJ to volunteer before the election!
    d. Triple-tripler bonus: do all 3!

Indivisible Groups Across Texas

There are Indivisible Groups all over Texas. As of Summer 2020, these are some of the most active ones:

Also, one of our Austin area groups, Indivisible Rosedale Huddle, will be hanging for “Repeal and Replace John Cornyn!” banners around town. For more details, or to suggest locations, see their website!