Fire John Cornyn
Toeing the Trump Line

Looking the Other Way on Russian Bounties

As the scandal of Trump’s betrayal of US forces in Afghanistan deepens – was he compromised, inept, or just negligent? – he can count as always on blind loyalty from John Cornyn to help minimize the damage:

GOP Sen Cornyn gives bounty allegations, which Trump cast doubt on, the of course-old-news treatment: “it doesn’t surprise me that the Russians are trying to help the Taliban kill Americans. I mean we’ve known that for a long time.” – CNN’s @JohnJHarwood

This is staggering, and from an Intelligence Committee member, no less. If “we’ve known that for a long time”, then why on earth is the president still trying to be buddies with Vladmir Putin? And if it’s not true, then doesn’t this kind of political cover make our senior Senator complicit in Trump’s betrayal?