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Big John

Pretending to Not Understand What Systemic Racism Means

The Vox headline is actually, “Sen. John Cornyn showed he has no idea what systemic racism is”, but it’s too generous to chalk that up to ignorance. He knows damn well what it means, and that it exists, but his supposed “law and order” party feels like it can’t admit that. Instead we get moronic posturing like this:

“I would like the witnesses to tell us if they believe that the police department and the police in America are systemically racist,” Cornyn said. “Would anybody like to raise their hand agreeing with that statement?”

At that point, multiple witnesses who were testifying appeared to raise their hands, which prompted Cornyn to follow up with another question. “And that means all 18,000 police departments, all 800,000 law enforcement officers? Is that true?”


“Do you believe that, basically, all Americans are racist?” Cornyn said.

“I think we all have implicit bias and racial bias, yes, I do,” Gupta responded. “Wow,” Cornyn said. “You lost me when you want to take the acts of a few misguided, perhaps malicious, individuals, and ascribe that to all Americans.”

It’s not called “universal racism”, you jackass. It’s systemic, as in, of the system. As in, there can be better individuals and worse individuals, but the system itself is designed and functions in racist ways. But you knew that, didn’t you, you feckless old man?