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Toeing the Trump Line

Cornyn: Violating 1st Amendment is “Obviously Necessary”

The President took a terrifying step toward dictatorship the other night, turning cops with rubber bullets and teargas on a crowd of protestors exercising their Constitutionally-protected rights. But Senator Cornyn thinks that’s great (CNN):

Sen. John Cornyn, a member of the GOP leadership team, said the protesters had to be cleared out “for security purposes” since Trump was “walking over to the church” and they were asked to clear “but refused to do so.”

“So obviously, it was a necessary security measure,” Cornyn told CNN. Cornyn rejected the notion that they were acting peacefully since they can’t “ignore what law enforcement officers are telling them to do for the security of the president or anybody else.”

Asked if the President should have gone to the church for a photo-op that led to tear gas and other measures to be used on the protesters, Cornyn criticized the media and others who are “never going to find any good or any positive development in anything. So you can characterize it the way you want, but obviously the President is free to go where he wants and to hold up a Bible if he wants,” calling it a “civil message.”