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Big John

Texas Observer: John Cornyn’s Weaselly Immigration Record

Some choice quotes from the Texas Observer’s latest piece on our favorite co-conspirator, Senator John Cornyn:

“…his immigration record suggests a politician closer to Jeff Sessions than John McCain, more Ted Cruz than Jeff Flake. Just ask the hundreds of thousands of undocumented Texans who live in the same shadows they did in late 2002, when Cornyn took office.”

“He talks a good game, but his behavior does not demonstrate that he was serious about reform. As a result, we’ve been living with a broken system for his entire tenure in the Senate.”

“Cornyn has joined the ranks of the know-nothing, do-nothing obstructionists who refuse to deal with the immigration issue in a manner that will lead to responsible and practical reform.”

In Trump’s ongoing impeachment saga, Cornyn has become an unscrupulous defender of the president.