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Texas Observer: Who Is John Cornyn Serving?

Spoiler: It ain’t us. 

In an article by Justin Miller, the Texas Observer spells out in excruciating detail Sen. John Cornyn’s history of subservience to corporations and political winds.  Cornyn was engineered in Karl Rove’s lab and the moral fecklessness we’ve seen in him during the Trump era has been evident since the beginning of his career in politics. Excerpts of the article are below. Let’s support Cornyn’s 2020 opponents.

To win the general, Cornyn vowed to be a friend to big business, hauling in more than $6 million largely from his corporate and tort-reform allies.

Once in Washington, Cornyn took his marching orders from the Bush administration, voting with the president 96 percent of the time in his first four years, more than any other senator.

His ability to serve as the soft face of the hard right was seen as an asset by Republican leadership and helped him quickly rise through the party ranks.

After [Obama[ called bankers “fat cats” and began pushing financial regulatory reform, Cornyn began making the trip to New York twice a month to cash in on what he called Wall Street’s “buyer’s remorse.”

Cornyn ensured that his friends in the Texas oil and gas industry who have lavished him with more than $3.5 million in political contributions over his career would get their fair share.

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