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John Cornyn’s climate denialism should disqualify him from public office

It’s easy for progressives to criticize statements like this one for their “ignorance.”

It's summer chuck bad tweet by john effing cornyn

The truth is that climate deniers usually are not ignorant of science. While we hyperventilate over the stupidity of tweets like this (“it’s only winter in the northern hemisphere!” “does he not know what ‘ever’ means???”) we overlook the broader and more dangerous point: John Cornyn knows exactly what he is doing. 

In her book This Changes Everything, Naomi Klein uncovers the motivation of climate deniers like John Cornyn: They know the planet is warming, and that humans are responsible, but they fear the progressive policies required to face the crisis (public transportation! renewable energy! the horror!) and so they intentionally sow doubt and feign ignorance.

This venal dishonesty has no place in politics. It has no place in the public sphere. We have to fight back—not by engaging with every bad tweet but by organizing to vote these predatory hacks out of office.

As of now, John Cornyn as a $9 million war chest to fend off his 2020 opponent. The Texas primary is just around the corner. The fight starts now. We already have great candidates. Give, donate, volunteer.

While we’re stuck with him: Write Big John a letter on his climate denialism


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  1. Cornyn must go. He is a danger to our country, our planet and our humanity. He get worse and worse every day. His true trumpian self emerges clearly with his support for the most bigoted, fascist, corrupt and incompetent regime in modern history.

    Now is turned climate denier and rejects basic science in the interest of power and money and supremely.

    Just resign. We will fight you in every way we can

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