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Texans sound off to Cornyn on Trump’s racism

When John Cornyn told Politico that he didn’t think his constituents cared that Trump was a racist, we asked you to sound off. And you did—first on Twitter, and then in the form of hundreds of letters sent to John Cornyn’s office. Below are excerpts from some of those letters, published with permission.

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Sen. Cornyn told Politico that his constituents are not “consumed” with the issue of Trump’s racism.

That statement is incorrect. The correct statement Cornyn should have made is that HE does not care one bit about Trump’s overt racism because he, himself, supports Trump’s bigotry, misogyny, Islamophobia, and hatred of all people who are not Caucasian. We know this because Cornyn sits in silence and never says a word against Trump about anything, thus choosing instead to support not only his words but his deplorable actions against humanity.

Cornyn took an oath of office to which he pledged to support, protect and defend the Constitution. Texans are most definitely consumed with the fact that either Cornyn lied when he took the oath or he is utterly ignorant to the duties and responsibilities he pledged to perform. This is a man who has subverted decades of public service to the lowest level by using it to enrich himself with no regard to ethics, morals, values or principles.

I was a 46-year member of the Republican Party until it morphed into the Party of Trump. Now, I will do everything in my power to elect only independents and Democrats to office in order to save our country for my children and for generations to come.

—Constituent in Colleyville, TX

Sen. Cornyn told Politico that his constituents are not “consumed” with the issue of Trump’s racism.

I’m his constituent: a 65-year old native Texan who grew up in East Texas and has lived my entire life in Texas. James Byrd was decapitated by racists in East Texas. Racism was rampant when I grew up there. I want Senator Cronyn to know that I, a lifelong Christian and hard-working and tax-paying Texan, am appalled by Trump’s racism and by Cornyn’s blind allegiance to him.
Senator Cronyn, you have ignored Texans like me for far too long. You have epically failed to represent me. My money and my vote will go to your opponent in November 2020.

In summary, Trump’s suggestion that four women of color “go back” to their countries is appalling and is matched by your cowardice in supporting him. Your behavior is an embarrassment to Texans like me.

—Constituent in Austin, TX

The wealth of Texas was built on the backs of slave labor. Texans kept free men enslaved for over two years without telling them they were free. Racism is wrong. The president is a racist and you know it.

—Constituent in Seabrook, TX

Senator Cornyn, you are wrong that Texan’s do not care about this issue. You are wrong that we are willing to be characterized as a nation of white supremacists who are willing to blindly follow an ignorant, hate filled, dangerous man down the road to fascism. You are wrong to think that it is ok for the United States to be criticized by other world leaders for our corrosive nationalist leader. Sir, you are sorely out of touch with your constituents who believe that the United States should still be an example to the world and not the shame of the world.

—Constituent in Weatherford, TX

Sen. Cornyn, you told Politico that your constituents are not “consumed” with the issue of Trump’s racism. That is untrue, I am a constituent and I am mortified and dismayed that we have a blatant racist in the white house and that you and your GOP flunkies are standing by and letting him bring dishonor to our country.

—Constituent in Round Rock, TX

Rest assured that I will show my displeasure with Mr. Cornyn’s stance at the ballot box and will encourage every person that I come in contact with to do the exact same. Wrong is wrong. Racism is WRONG and there is ABSOLUTELY no room for it in our government.

—Constituent in Dallas, TX

Suggesting that four elected women who are citizens of the US be sent away is damaging to the fabric of our nation. As a representative of the people, Mr. Cornyn, you should be trying to strengthen the bonds that hold us together. Rather, I see you trying to help Pres. Trump tear us apart by downplaying his shameful actions. You should be condenming his actions. Why aren’t you standing up for the American values of inclusion and tolerance, values upon which our nation was built?

—Constituent in Aledo, TX

You need education regarding racism in the US. You need education regarding Germany in the 1930’s. You need education regarding the difference between nationalism and patriotism. Your silence makes the the kind of man we fought against in WWII. You are an embarrassment to Texas and to humanity. Shame on you.

—Constituent in Hurst, TX

I noticed you said that your constituents do t care about racism in all its forms. I’m here to tell you that’s not the case and I’m insulted you’d presume that about me.

—Constituent in New Braunfels, TX

When Senator Cornyn gives cover to Trump’s racism, misogyny, xenophobia and lies, he is saying he concurs. I am a constituent and this appalls me.

—Constituent in Trophy Club, TX

Sen. Cornyn

You need to check more with your constituents. I strongly disagree with your assessment quoted below.

“I know we are consumed by this here, but it doesn’t consume my constituents when I go back home,” Sen. John Cornyn said. —Politico, July 16, 2019

Texans and citizens of the world are very consumed with the issue of Trump’s racism. Every congress member who does not directly condemn his obvious racism and whistle to his base for racists reactions is accepting racism as a method of governing. The voters are watching how you react. The entire world is watching how you react.

This issue matters to me. Your disrespect of your co-workers, and your citizens, evidenced by the downplaying of constituent concerns is alarming. What side of history do you choose to be remembered? I know where it looks like you choose at this moment.

Shame on you!

—Constituent in Southlake, TX

As his constituent, I would like to go on record to say that I do care that Trump is a racist.

I am a mother and teach my children that all people are deserving of respect and dignity. But every day we have a president acting in direct contrast to that, inciting racial tension and dividing americans in an attempt to prop up fear to win re-election. I cannot and will not support any politicians (no matter the party) that refuse to speak out against his racist tweets and hold him to a higher standard. There is no policy that is worth sacrificing my personal beliefs and values, and im am ashamed that Senator Cornyn can’t find the courage to denounce it himself.

History will not look kindly on those who were complicit by remaining silent or excusing such vile behavior.

—Constituent in Grapevine, TX

Texans do care about Trump’s racist remarks and his obvious bigotry. You represent ALL Texans and must stand firm, openly, and loudly against this type of behavior.

—Constituent in Austin, TX

Words matter. You need to put people above making political points with the current occupant of the White House.

Your grandchildren will judge you. History will judge you. Don’t you want to go down on the record as being one of the few who stood up?

—Constituent in Granberry, TX

The fact that almost all republicans remain silent in the face of these racist comments is alarming & infuriating. The president plans to use these comments as campaign slogans & I’m not okay with his pandering to white fear.

—Constituent in Fort Worth, TX

I can tell you that I am a registered voter and one of your constituents. I voted for you in several elections but not in the last one and will not vote for you again. You are a disgrace.

—Constituent in Leander, TX

I’m so disappointed that [Cornyn] won’t condemn the President’s offensive and racist language.

—Constituent in North Richland Hills, TX

If we are going to spend $700 Billion on the defense budget, this year, I think it is important that we have something worth defending.

If equal justice and equal opportunity are worth fighting and dying for they certainly are worth speaking up for.

I am compelled to ask, “Why hasn’t Sen. Cornyn spoken up about the President’s hateful, racist, and un-American comments toward sitting American congresswomen?”

Sen. Cornyn told Politico that his constituents are not “consumed” with the issue of Trump’s racism.

As his constituent, I would like to go on record to say that I do care that Trump is a racist. His suggestion that four women of color “go back” to where they came from is textbook racism. This issue matters to me, and Cornyn’s failure to defend these women makes me wonder how committed he is to his oath to “Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America.”

—Constituent in Wimberley, TX

Trump’s repeated racist and demeaning comments are beneath the dignity of the office he holds and it is SHAMEFUL AND DISGRACEFUL that you don’t stand up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I have to wonder how you can sleep at night, next to your wife, and continue to support such a man.

I certainly don’t expect any sort of reply since you don’t have the courage to put your constituents first. You, sir, are a coward and not worthy of continuing to serve the great people of and state of Texas!!!

—Constituent in Wichita Falls, TX

As his constituent, and the wife of a military veteran, I would like to go on record to say that I do care that Trump is a racist.

—Constituent in Georgetown, TX

As your constituent, I want you to know that I am shocked at the hateful speech coming out of Trump’s mouth. The fact that anyone in a country known as the “Melting Pot” would be made to feel unwelcome is beyond anything I thought I would ever hear from a president of this country.

I am sick of the headlines this White House generates. He and the majority of his administration have got to stop this behavior towards some of our best citizens and residents. I’m tired of it, Sen. Cornyn, and you should be, too. Stop abetting his behavior by your silence.

—Constituent in Round Rock, TX

Do not misrepresent your “constituents” who are appalled at the behavior of the man in the White House, and your complicit ness in this. You are supporting many things that go against our constitution.

—Constituent in Fort Worth, TX

John Cronyn has already shown his character time and time again, and I would not vote for him under most any circumstance (not that I think that whatever intern or clerk is possibly reading this would care), but this dismissal of racism in a state that heavily relies on the immigrant population for labor and culture is short sighted and bigoted.

—Constituent in Houston, TX

And for you, Sen. Cornyn, to tell tPolitico that your constituents are not “consumed” with the issue of Trump’s racism either indicates how out of touch you are with your constituents or that you have lost any remnants of a moral conscience you may have.

As your constituent, I would like to go on record to say that I do care that Trump is a racist. His suggestion that four women of color “go back” to where they came from is textbook racism. This issue is of utmost importance to me as it impacts my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

—Constituent in Katy, TX

You should think twice before suggesting that Texans will turn a blind eye to stripping people of their human rights, and denying citizens their citizenship rights, due to racism and xenophobia. You think we are cowards? You think we are bigots? You sell us short.

—Constituent on Coppell, TX

You seriously underestimate the concern of your compassionate constituents. I think you will be better informed after the results of the 2020 election. The time for Republican courage was in 2016.

It is time for Texas to turn blue.

—Constituent in Lakeway, TX

I care that Trump is a racist among the many other horrible things he has shown himself to be. Behaviors that any decent human being should be appalled by, so why not you? It has always been my understanding that elected officials worked for ALL the people not just the party who’s flag they wave. As one who’s lived under many different Presidents I am asking you to be part of the solution and not the problem. The America you are leaving behind for our grandchildren is a dangerous one because the people who could stop this are turning a blind eye and deaf ear away from this cancer growing here in Texas and throughout this great nation. Many are waiting and hoping that the GOP becomes workers for the people and not the party alone. The world is watching. Spread peace.

—Constituent in Livingston, TX

It seems to me that this is a perfect example of projection. Just because Cornyn does not care if Trump is a racist, he has no business projecting that onto me or anyone else.

—Constituent in Austin, TX

I want you to know that I do care about this bigoted and disgustingly sick and fascist president. You cannot and must not support the lies and racist, prejudice, corrupt potus that is threatening every constitutional principle and democratic value that makes us the shining beacon of America. We are and must be better than that. And you must stand up for the our nation. If you cannot support real constitutional democracy, the get out of the way !! I am tired of your excuses and lame political wimpiness.

To wit:

Trump is separating children from their mothers and locking them in camps. He sold out our nation to Russia, and obstructed Robert Mueller’s investigation into that fact. There are multiple, credible allegations of sexual assault against him. He continues to try to deprive millions of Americans of quality healthcare—a basic human right. He is an overt racist.

Moreover, he’s put our country at risk with his failures to secure our elections, his “love” for atrocious dictators, and his failure to support our real western democratic allies that support our values of freedom

And further, he continues to lie to is virtually every day, deny climate change science, institute our worst levels of corruption and bigotry we have ever seen….

Impeach now. Save our true beacon of democratic values for the world of the future. Else we will just be yet another autocratic, racist, fascist regime – like all those we fought and differentiates ourselves from to create the shining example we once knew

—Constituent in Austin, TX

You do not speak for me when saying I do not care that Trump is a racist! I do care very much that the elected officials of this country continue promoting hatred and racism and offer nothing but division for the American public. You will join the ranks of deplorable individuals when this farce of an administration is ended! I am totally consumed and disgusted by all republicans at this point in my life. The lack of moral courage to stand up to the childishness brought forth by tRump is astoundingly embarrassing and serves as a constant reminder of his ineptitude ad a leader. I look forward to taking back America and watching as you and your cronies are humiliated and shamed for all the atrocities under this administration!

—Constituent in Colleyville, TX

Please focus on goodness, decency, inclusiveness, and honesty. If you continue to support the inhumane treatment of immigrants, I will cease to support you next election.

—Constituent in Wimberley, TX

There are plenty of Texans who would welcome the opportunity to express to the senator just how repulsive and anti-American Trump’s racist “go back” remarks are. How many, exactly? Please hold a town hall soon and find out! You will see that thousands of your constituents are consumed as all get-out with the Trump admin’s escalating white supremacist rhetoric.

—Constituent in Johnson City, TX

Who is he kidding? Sen. Cornyn doesn’t care about his non-White non-male, lower income constituents. He has the audacity to suggest that he knows his constituents. As long as he supports voter suppression and gerrymandering, he’s a lying fraud and needs to be removed from office.

—Constituent in Austin, TX

Cornyn KNOWs how disgraceful Trump’s words and actions are, but Cornyn has sold his soul to avoid being the target of Trump’s hateful ire by hiding his head in the sand and pretending it doesn’t matter that trump throws our democracy and country under the bus daily! Unconscionable! Republicans like Cornyn ensure I will never again vote for any republican.

—Constituent in Austin, TX

I’m disturbed that Sen. Cornyn is profiting from migrant detention centers here in Texas.

—Constituent in Pfluegerville, TX

I read in Politico that Sen. Cornyn doesn’t think we in Texas care about President Trump’s disgusting, racist, and undemocratic attacks on four United States Representatives.

As an American, and as a Texan, I’d like let the Senator know that I certainly do care about Trump’s ugly, racist rhetoric. For him to tell four people of color to “go back where they came from”?? That is textbook racism, though perhaps not surprising that rich white men of privilege like Trump and Cornyn would see it that way. This racism does indeed matter deeply to me, and for Sen. Cornyn to tell himself or anyone else – let alone that it clearly doesn’t matter to the Senator – is beyond alarming.

—Constituent in Austin, TX

You told Politico that your constituents are not “consumed” with the issue of Trump’s racism.

It is obvious that Trump is racist – he has been one all his life. Your statement is an embarrassment to all Texans. We DO CARE about racist statements and we all care about our fellow citizens.

Many news outlets have pointed out that the phrase “go back to where you came from” is unacceptable language per the government ethics guidelines! Of course, ethics seem to be totally lost on the Republican party.

Try holding a town hall and see who turns out. You might actually learn what is on our minds. But I doubt you have the nerve to do that.

—Constituent in Austin, TX

I am a WHITE OLDER woman who believes that this country has welcomed and should continue to welcome people from all countries, all religions, and all sexual orientation, as long as they become Americans who love the ideals of this radical experiment in freedom and equality of all.

I am ashamed that you are more interested in keeping your “job” than in calling a spade a spade.


—Constituent in Woodcreek, TX

Clearly you are not in touch with your constituents. I am discouraged and disappointed that this has been “swept under the rug” in your mind. This behavior is inappropriate, immature and unprofessional, as his behavior the entire presidency has been from someone in this position.

We ought to be able to look up to our leaders as models of human decency and all that is right and good in this world. Instead we have a playground bully who has spent his time belittling, name calling, promoting dissent and disorder. There is not a school teacher anywhere who would put up with this behavior in her class, and the fact that the adults in his administration and in Congress are largely silent is a disgrace.

He has not made “America great again”, he has made it a laughing stock and a hot bed of discrimination and bigotry.

How can we as parents and grandparents teach our children to “be nice to one another”, to “not call other people names”, “treat people with respect”, “follow the golden rule, treat people the way you want to be treated”, when the POTUS has thrown all of that to hell in a hand basket.

You, as an elected official have more responsibility than just pandering and nodding to avoid his criticism or disdain.

—Constituent in Grapevine, TX

I have just been visiting the LBJ Historical Site here in Texas. I think Mr Cornyn should take a look at history and see what a really dedicated public servant and politician looks like. Remember that Civil Rights Legislation was a direct result of a great group of people working collaboratively. Don’t be the fool who allows the current president to tear down the country. Don’t forget who the Statesmen of Texas have been – you have a choice to be strong and rebuke Mr. Trump and his racist ways.

—Constituent in Fort Worth, TX

Mr. Cornyn you need to grow a spine and make it very clear you do not condone the racist in chief’s tirades against these congress women. Your constituents are people of all races and it is imperative that we see you take a stand against racism and instead of blow Trump’s latest racist tweeting off.

—Constituent in Benbrook, TX

Words have power and I believe that the president knows this. He used phraseology consistent with white supremacy philosophies. Racists are coming out from under rocks and feeling empowered. There have already been deaths. This is not making America “great”. It’s divisive, racist, misogynistic and xenophobic. We know where this goes and it’s not good.
This is a dangerous game you’re playing and it’s putting lives in danger.

—Constituent in Wimberley, TX

If it doesn’t matter to you than you should not be representing me and my fellow citizens in congress. I will never forget you comments and actions.

Shame on you. We are all citizens of this country. You are terrible human being and we will vote you out of office.

—Constituent in Austin, TX

The irony of it all is that we have asylum seekers at the border and you and your GOP keep telling them to they need to go home and fix the problems in their country and with their government…yet you are telling citizens of our country to go back to where they came from if they don’t like what’s going on in their country. Everything you have done and everything you have supported in the last 2.5 years have made my spouse and I walk away from the GOP. This is not the side of history we want to be on and it’s not what we would hope our children would do.

You have lost sight of the GOP ideology and no longer represent what it once stood for and by standing by this lawless and racist administration makes you culpable and this non electable.

We are the moral compass for the rest of this world and another 4 years of this administration will turn our world into the Wild West and will never return to the world as we once knew it.

I am so disappointed in you and the rest of the GOP

—Constituent in Euless, TX

Sen. Cornyn, with this ignorant statement, is aiding and abetting a new generation to become racists too. My grandchildren and their friends are taking notice of Trump’s behaviors; this in turn increases the challenges of parenting (and if grandparenting). Get it straight! Senator! We your constituents have taken note of not only Trump’s constant outrageous behavior but of your ignorance of your constituents as well as blind support for our Racist-In-Chief.

—Constituent in Grapevine, TX

Sen. Cornyn, please quit turning a blind eye to President Trump, his antics, and above all, his racist comments. Stand up for people of all backgrounds like you were elected to do. Keep Texas Great by keeping racism out of the United States.

Stand up to President Trump and condemn his pathetic, racists tweets. I encourage you to come down from your ivory tower and hold a town hall and hear what people really think about Texas’ representation in Congress. We deserve to have a Senator who condemns such blatant racism.

—Constituent in Round Rock, TX

By not responding to constituents, you ignore their wishes. You actually do not know what your constituents want because you are a Party Politician, not a representative of the people.

—Constituent in Irving, TX

Even more than that is Trump allowing his rally goers to chant “Send her back!” is horrific! Cornyn needs to speak up because American citizens in this state come from all different heritages! We all deserve respect! Cornyn needs to represent ALL of us!

—Constituent in Pasadena, TX

You are my representative and to think that you would find Trumps comment acceptable is beyond the pale. Racism has no place in America and definitely not in our government leadership.

—Constituent in The Colony, TX

It was difficult to chose the topic of this. [Note: Cornyn’s online form requires selection of a topic.] I chose Religion because I believe it is against all the world’s major religions to be racist and deny equality. I believe it is against all the world’s religions to tell lies.

I am sad and angry that you think Texans don’t care about racism coming from DT. You don’t think much of your constituents, do you? I am sad and angry that you have chosen to NOT speak out against DT’s remarks.

Just remember, Senator, a blue wave is gaining momentum and headed toward the shore of Texas. It is building in strength and momentum. It will wash this state clean and prove that Texans value truth and equality.

—Constituent in Pasadena, TX

I feel that you are condoning Trump’s actions persons and publicly. That will not be tolerated and we will vote you out. Listen to the non-racist Texans. Make a public stand against the President’s actions.

—Constituent in Pflugerville, TX

I’ll be damned if I will let our Country be taken over by this racist President. No,no, no! I’ll fight to my death against this fascism, racist, bigotry!! If it goes to the streets, I’m there. I will never let this President run our Country, The United States of America into a authoritarian regime!!
Remember this:

The beauty of anti-racism is that you don’t have to pretend to be free of racism to be an anti-racist. Anti-Racism is the commitment to fight racism wherever you find it, including in yourself. And it’s the only way forward. Ijeoma Oluo

I’m fighting…. as long as I have breath! Grow a pair and put an end to this Presidents blather, why can’t you stand up to the horrific things Trumps says and does? I care, why don’t YOU?

—Constituent in Wimberley, TX

Your inability to condemn the ongoing monstrous behavior by Pres. Trump is infuriating. Clearly you have lost your moral compass and your spine. Shame on you. I look forward to booting you out of office in 2020.

—Constituent in Georgetown, TX

I’m writing to tell you that President Trump’s racism is hurting your constituents of color, like my family. Here are just 2 examples of how it has affected my family:

  1. My 11-year old niece, who was born and brought up in Texas (and is as American as can be) was told by her classmates to ‘go back to Mexico’.
  2. My wife, who is also an American citizen and has lived in the States for over 27 years has been asked if she is ‘legal’ (with the implication that she is an illegal immigrant because she is not white).

My family has lived in the United States for over 30 years, and we only started hearing these types of questions in the last two years. This is no coincidence: President Trump’s racist rhetoric is fueling this kind of behavior.

So, maybe you think that your constituents are not ‘consumed’ with the issue of President Trump’s racism and that it’s not affecting your constituents. But, I want to tell you this: it is affecting your constituents, like my family. I’m going to reiterate it: it is affecting all of your constituents of color. Maybe it’s just that you don’t care about your constituents of color.

Also, I want to take this opportunity to tell you that your logic (ie that the racist things that President Trump said were just a ‘mistake’ and an ‘unforced error’) is enabling racism. With this logic, you can basically say that when the KKK was burning crosses in front of people’s houses, that it wasn’t racism — it was just a ‘mistake’ that they made. Racism needs to be called out for what it is; and your pathetically weak condemnation of President Trump’s racism shows me that you don’t have the guts to represent the great state of Texas.

—Constituent in Cedar Park

Donald Trump is a racist. Full stop. I wish you would choose to defend the good in the world instead of pandering to Trump to avoid his wrath.

—Constituent in Keller, TX


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  1. John Cornyn , you are a coward. Stand up for the values Texans have stood for generations and for which our forefathers have laid their lives on the line to uphold across the world. Shame on you for backing this person in the WH that shames us all. Between building divisions among the American people and caging children on our Texas borders, you and Trump are building hate which will result in our children’s children dealing with terrorists for generations.

  2. Dear Mr. Cornyn,
    While I appreciate the one time you are loyal, you’re loyalty is to the most corrupt president we have had. It is not to your constituents. This situation with Trump’s racist comments is the most chilling and disturbing thing I have ever seen in politics. And even more disturbing is the silence from the party I have voted for in the past. I don’t believe that I can mostly cast my vote for any person who dies not stand up to Trump and his white nationalist party. You obviously care about your party over your constituents…

  3. Do your job as a citizen, patriot and elected representative. Standing by a president who has committed crimes, and exhibited by word and deed tremendous xenophobia, misogyny and a denial of the fundamental values our country is/was built on shows your lack of character and courage. You are not a patriot.

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