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Let’s send 1,000 letters to John Cornyn condemning Trump’s racism

Over the weekend, Trump tweeted that four members of congress—all women of color—should “go back” to their countries of origin. (Never mind that three of them were born in the US.) The rhetoric has only gotten worse since then, with chants of “send her back” erupting at a Trump rally.

When asked for comment, John Cornyn told Politico​:

“I know we are consumed by this here, but it doesn’t consume my constituents when I go back home,” Sen. John Cornyn said. —Politico, July 16, 2019

Really, John Cornyn?

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So we’re sending John Cornyn 1,000 letters to show that Texans do care that the president is a racist. In less than 24 hours we hit 20% of that goal — 200 letters — and you can help put us over the top.

Start writing now, and stay tuned for more Cornyn updates as we get closer to the Texas primary.