Fire John Cornyn
Big John

John Cornyn really hates the #GreenNewDeal. Here’s why.

What happened to the kinder, gentler John Cornyn?

Fortunately for John Cornyn, he won’t be around to see the worst effects of climate change. But many of us will. Our children and grandchildren will. And John Cornyn, as a United States Senator, wields the power to make life or death decisions on our behalf.

Last week, Cornyn pretended not to know that the Green New Deal was a resolution, not a bill. He pretended not to even know what a resolution is—despite being in Congress since 2002.

bad cornyn tweet about how GND is a resolution not a bill "Who knew!"

He has shared multiple articles denying the facts of climate change, and dismissing the Green New Deal as a liberal boondoggle.

Here are some facts about John Cornyn, and about the Green New Deal:

  • Yes, the Green New Deal is a resolution. So was FDR’s New Deal, at the beginning.
  • The oil & gas industry is John Cornyn’s 2nd-biggest contributor.
  • The Green New Deal is about more than the environment: It’s about infrastructure. It’s about immigration. It’s about health care. This is because climate change’s devastating effects go far beyond the environment, intersecting with virtually every aspect of our lives.
  • John Cornyn is the #1 top Senate recipient of contributions from the natural gas transmission & distribution industry for 2017-18.
  • The Green New Deal is actually really short and easy to read. Don’t be intimidated. Go check it out.

Read more about Cornyn’s environmental record.

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  1. Well said. Cornyn is totally out-to-lunch and sold us all out in climate justice, energy leadership adn the future of our nation adn our whole planet. Fire Cornyn now!

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