Fire John Cornyn
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Dear John Cornyn: It’s time to withdraw your support for Donald Trump

Dear John Cornyn,

Let’s get one thing straight: We will never support your 2020 reelection bid. But that’s not what this is about. Individual elections are meaningless in the face of crumbling democracy.

President Trump has committed multiple impeachable offenses. The latest revelations—that he suborned perjury—ought to be a dealbreaker for you and the rest of the GOP members of congress who have enabled Trump up until this point.

You were a young man during Watergate. It may have been formative for you. Let us refresh your memory on one key point:

On August 7, 1974, Sen. Barry Goldwater, along with Sen. Hugh Scott and Rep. Scott Rhodes—all Republicans—told Nixon the game was over. The House was set to impeach, and Nixon’s support in the Senate had completely collapsed. Nixon resigned the next day.

How do you want to be remembered, Senator Cornyn? As a GOP hero who knew when to finally put country before party? Or do you want to be forgotten—or worse, shunned?

The time is now, Senator, to do the right thing. End this new national nightmare. Withdraw your support for President Trump. You might be surprised who joins you, and on which side of history you land.

Concerned Texans Everywhere


  1. Texans have been paying Cornyn to protect us, while he uses our money to protect Treasonous Trump and big business. We don’t have adjectives to sufficiently describe a president who literally sells our democracy, country, and citizens to the enemy, and the cowardly congressmen who support his evil work. Disgraceful just doesn’t cover it.

  2. The wall would be an ecological disaster. It would be a social disaster separating communities that have depended n each other for centuries.
    We are an aging population. We need immigrant to support the social security system.
    They are basically good people fleeing bad circumstances, looking for a better life.
    They are younger and full of energy. We need them.

  3. How much longer will John Cornyn continue to support Trump with the government shutdown. Many Texans want this to end. Anything Trump wants John Cornyn agrees with. I have seen John Cornyn on TV right next to Trump with no shame. Work to get the government open. Nobody wants to work and not get paid. You don’t work for Trump.

    Why did John Cornyn vote to lift Russian sanctions for the Russian oligarch? He made Putin happy.

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