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Big John

Indivisible Houston: “John Cornyn’s Wall Position is a Moving Target”

It’s no surprise that someone as spineless as Cornyn would be extra-flexible. Our friends from Indivisible Houston demonstrate Cornyn’s changing positions on the so-called border wall. Here’s a recap:

April 2016: “This idea that all you can do is build some obstacle and people won’t go come over it, or go under it, or go through it is naive.” (ABC News)

February 2017: “There’s parts of our border which it makes absolutely no sense. But what is helpful [is] to have fencing, for example, is places like San Diego, it’s a large urban area.” (The Hill / KSAT)

And now:

As Indivisible Houston points out, Cornyn’s position on the wall is intentionally abstract.

What this all amounts to might be called a “flip flop” in positions. It is certainly intentionally abstract, which makes for terrible policy-making and a high probability of untrustworthy advocacy.

Cornyn knows the wall is an expensive, impossible boondoggle—an abstraction to rile folks up on both sides. But he fears Donald Trump and he fears his GOP base. And so, true to form for a feckless hack like John Cornyn, he tries to have it both ways. Don’t let him.