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Trump Tweets

Trump BS that Cornyn’s okay with, “Wall” Edition

Following Donald Trump on Twitter is a bad idea. It’s bad for your mental health. And, anyway, his tweets are like a boring, racist “Fw: FW: Fw:” email that you reflexively delete. The really bad ones will creep into your timeline anyway, or on Facebook, or cable TV.

But it’s been interesting to do a weekly deep dive into his Twitter stream. We all know he tweets deranged shit, but when you look at the tweets en masse…. OMG! There is a dangerously unwell, amoral kleptocrat in the White House. And John Cornyn, rather than doing his constitutional duty to remove Trump from office, pens op-eds about how great the past two years of the Trump’s presidency have been.

There were too many unhinged Trump tweets to list them all here. Below are the worst of the worst. Call John Cornyn and ask why he continues to support this president.

This is an easily disprovable lie:

See-through concrete. Got it.

What is this about wheels?

Pretty sure Cornyn supports NAFTA…

A wholesome message for all Americans.

Support the troops!

Bolsonoro is openly fascist.

The greatest election of all time?

Federal workers include first responders, park rangers… even border patrol.

Here’s how this works:

We encourage readers to call John Cornyn’s offices and read the tweets aloud to whomever picks up the phone. Then ask: “Please state, for the record, whether John Cornyn continues to support the President and why.”

Washington, DC: 202-224-2934

Austin: 512-469-6034

Tyler: 903-593-0902

Dallas: 972-239-1310

Harlingen: 956-423-0162

Houston: 713-572-3337

San Antonio: 210-224-7485

Lubbock: 806-472-7533