Fire John Cornyn
Trump Tweets

Unhinged shit that John Cornyn enabled: #TrumpShutdown edition

Trump’s tweets keep hitting “new lows.”

Just remember: There is no bottom to this administration.

Or, as AOC says, of Senators like John Cornyn: “At any time GOP could have checked him and choose not to. They’re accomplices.”

Let’s take a winter-land stroll through some of the bile Trump tweeted during this merry holiday season—none of which had any meaningful response from John Cornyn.

Here’s how this works:

We encourage readers to call John Cornyn’s offices and read the tweets aloud to whomever picks up the phone. Then ask: “Please state, for the record, whether John Cornyn continues to support the President and why.”

Washington, DC: 202-224-2934

Austin: 512-469-6034

Tyler: 903-593-0902

Dallas: 972-239-1310

Harlingen: 956-423-0162

Houston: 713-572-3337

San Antonio: 210-224-7485

Lubbock: 806-472-7533


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  1. Oh, I’m definitely in.
    I’ve been hounding him on twitter in regards to the 10% raise to our troops. Hell, Individual1 promised them that, and I want John to either confirm it or state, on the record, Individual1 lied. He can’t use the excuse “misspoke” because the quote dispels that fallacy.

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