Fire John Cornyn
Big John

You can’t pivot to maverick

From Texas Monthly:

I’m under no illusion that I can run for re-election in 2020 just based on President Trump’s coattails,” Cornyn said on a conference call with state reporters. “I’m going to have to go continue to come back home and listen to what Texans are saying and talk about issues that are relevant to them and continue to pursue the policies that I have here in Washington based on the Texas model for success.”

Sorry, Big John. Just because you’re up for re-election, you can’t pivot to maverick. You have been the top Trump sycophant in the Senate for more than two years. You have had every opportunity to say something—anything—to counter the corruption steaming off this turd or a presidency. Instead you put on your sad-grandpa face and whinge about the loss of decency toward rapey beer enthusiast Brett Kavanaugh.

Come on back home and “listen to what Texans are saying,” Big John. We are saying we don’t like you. We are saying you are a spineless coward with no moral compass. We are saying we will enthusiastically support your opponent, whomever she or he may be.

Goodbye, Big John.

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  1. I’ve written to our esteemed Senator several times and gotten a standard boilerplate reply. He’s front and center for all the photo ops with a thoughtful expression. Too bad there’s nothing behind the eyes. I’ve appealed to his moral sense – no result or reply. When the election rolls around I plan to support whoever runs against him, even if it’s a stick.

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