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Unhinged shit that John Cornyn enabled this week

This is the first in a series of weekly roundups that demonstrate John Cornyn’s complicity in Donald Trump’s narcissistic kleptocracy.

For two years, we have largely ignored Trump’s tweets. This is mostly a good thing. But Cornyn and others in the GOP have been able to escape accountability by claiming to be above the fray when it comes to Trump tweets. They might issue bromides like “the tweets are not helpful,” while avoiding anything that might raise Trump’s ire.

We’re not going to let John Cornyn do that any longer. We’re going to share, every week, the worst things Trump tweeted—and we’re going to ask John Cornyn whether and why he still supports this president.

We encourage readers to call John Cornyn’s offices and read the tweets aloud to whomever picks up the phone. Then ask: “Please state, for the record, whether John Cornyn continues to support the President and why.”

Without further ado, here are Trump’s worst tweets of the week.

Call John Cornyn

Washington, DC: 202-224-2934

Austin: 512-469-6034

Tyler: 903-593-0902

Dallas: 972-239-1310

Harlingen: 956-423-0162

Houston: 713-572-3337

San Antonio: 210-224-7485

Lubbock: 806-472-7533

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  1. Read Cornyn office all the tweets…the staffer listened. Then answered the question about support for Trump and why, with something akin to: ” what Cornyn has said in the past is that he doesn’t pay a lot of credence to tweets/words…more to actions”. I replied that this so-called leader-of-the-free-world’s words matter – and that he is acting like 3rd grader, relinquishing leadership, and role-modeling arrogance, lawlessness, incompetence and indecency. Further he is putting our nation and planet in grave risk. Cornyn’s support for such Trump similarly reveals his spineless values and only-when-convenient ethics. He is not fooling anybody.

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