Fire John Cornyn
Big John

John Cornyn embodied the worst of the Kavanaugh confirmation process


Senator John Cornyn is one of the 11 (out of 11) Republican white men on the Judiciary Committee. During the hearings, with reporters, and on Twitter, Cornyn was at his most bullying and pretend-aggrieved. Here are some lowlights.

“Judge, don’t give up!” cries Cornyn. “You’re right to be angry.” “The burden is on the person making the accusation.”

“The United States Senate will not be bullied by the screams of paid protestors and name-calling by the mob.”

“Paid protestors, who reportedly, once they get arrested, actually get more money from their funders than they do if they don’t get arrested. That is what has been unleashed.”

“Millions of dollars spent in advertising, in paying protestors to show up on senators’ front lawns.”


Cornyn calls Kavanaugh nomination fight ‘our Atticus Finch moment’ 🙄