Fire John Cornyn

It’s Time to Fire John Cornyn.


John Cornyn was bad for Texas long before Donald Trump was elected. Cornyn was cheerfully selling out Texas to his rich backers in the oil and gas industry all those years, pretending to have some (so-called) conservative principles in his role as senior Senator from the great state of Texas. But the arrival of the reality-TV clown showin Washington, D.C. showed us where Cornyn’s true loyalty lies: with preserving his own power.

How else can you explain such an influential member of the majority Republican Senate doing so little, for so few? How else to understand his total support of the buffoon in the White House? Think of every outrageous thing that Trump has said and done. Now think of the U.S. Senate, and it’s intended role as a check on Presidential power. Yet with John Cornyn’s “leadership” it’s been nothing but a rubber stamp on every terrible action Trump has taken, undercutting America in every imaginable way.

It’s time to fire John Cornyn.

What’s He Done Lately?

  • Looking the Other Way on Russian Bounties 2 years ago - As the scandal of Trump's betrayal of US forces in Afghanistan deepens – was he compromised, inept, or just negligent? – he can count as always on blind loyalty from John Cornyn to help minimize the damage:… read more
  • Pretending to Not Understand What Systemic Racism Means 2 years ago - The Vox headline is actually, "Sen. John Cornyn showed he has no idea what systemic racism is", but it's too generous to chalk that up to ignorance. He knows damn well what it means, and… read more
  • Cornyn: Violating 1st Amendment is “Obviously Necessary” 2 years ago - The President took a terrifying step toward dictatorship the other night, turning cops with rubber bullets and teargas on a crowd of protestors exercising their Constitutionally-protected rights. But Senator Cornyn thinks that's great (CNN): Sen.… read more
  • Cornyn Dog-whistles Racist Supporters 2 years ago - It's the morning after another night of protests and continued police violence has rocked our country, but cast your mind way back to mid-May. That was when Sen. Cornyn thought he'd take a page from… read more

How Can I Help?

Cornyn is up for re-election in 2020. Indivisible Austin intends to spend vast reserves of energy flipping that seat and firing John Cornyn, and we can use all the help we can get! Just fill out the form below to get started!